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Team Building Series – “Who Am I?”

Starting with this post, we will be kicking off a series of team building activities as this is a surprisingly important aspect of any team dynamic. Forbes Magazine even called team building the “most important investment [companies] will make”. That’s high praise.


Whether you are in a corporate setting or sports environment, team building has several significant advantages such as:

  • Help your teams become a more cohesive unit;
  • Improve communication;
  • Facilitate team members getting to know each other;
  • Foster an environment of team bonding; and
  • Develop leadership within the team.


The first activity in our Team Building Series is the “Who Am I?” game. I picked this one to go first because it is SUPER EASY and requires limited supplies which is the best kind of activity, in my humble opinion.



During the game, each player will have the name of a famous person (alive or dead, real or fictional) taped on their back which they can’t see. They will go around to their teammates and ask them questions to find out who they are.


Supplies Needed

Blank Copier Paper or Sticky Notes

Printer or Marker



How to Play

  1. Write or print the names of famous people or characters on blank paper or sticky notes.
  2. Place names on the player’s backs so they can’t see it. If using sticky notes, you could have the player close their eyes and stick the sticky note on their forehead.
  3. Players go around the room and try to figure out who they are by asking “Yes” and “No” questions of their teammates.
  4. Once a player has guessed who they are they are out of the game.
  5. When all players are out, the round is over. (Be prepared to have a good supply of names. You will be surprised how many rounds your group will want to play.)


Ideas for Famous People & Characters

Madonna Lebron James Larry Bird
President Donald Trump Captain America Mickey Mouse
Lady Gaga Michael Jackson Elvis Presley
Frankenstein Justin Bieber Rihanna
Shakira Kim Kardashian Taylor Swift
Princess Kate Zac Efron Luke Bryan
Oprah Winfrey Selena Gomez Miley Cyrus
Batman Harry Potter Darth Vader
Mulan G-Eazy Tom Brady
Tiger Woods Dale Earnhardt Jr. Mary Poppins
Elsa Iron Man Snow White
Abraham Lincoln Cinderella Dora the Explorer
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Ellen DeGeneres Simon Cowell
Christopher Columbus Jimmy Fallon Donald Duck
Walt Disney William Shakespeare Benjamin Franklin
Beyonce Iron Man Queen Elizabeth II
Harry Potter Christopher Columbus Albert Einstein
Garth Brooks Justin Timberlake Alice in Wonderland
Cookie Monster Hermione Granger The Incredible Hulk
Han Solo Mary Poppins Peter Pan
Olaf Tinkerbell Rocky Balboa
Santa Claus Shrek Superman
Tarzan The Wicked Witch of the West Wonder Woman



Who Am I? Competition

The players stand in a circle while a coach or parent tapes the name to their back or places the sticky note on their forehead. (If you are taping the name to their back have them face in. If you are putting a sticky note on their forehead have them face out.)


On “go” team members try to figure out who they are as quickly as possible. Once they have figured out who they are they go back to a central location and get another name. The person who guesses the most names wins.

Who Am I? Couples Edition

Similar to the regular variation of this game, players get a name on their back. However, this time they not only have to figure out who they are, they also have to find their partner and help them figure out who they are without showing them who they are.


Sonny & Cher Romeo & Juliet Jay-Z & Beyonce
Rose & Jack (Titanic) Baby & Johnny (Dirty Dancing) Sandy & Danny (Grease)
Hans Solo & Princess Leia Bonnie & Clyde Miss Piggy & Kermit the Frog
Anna & Elsa (Frozen) Bert & Ernie Mickey & Minnie Mouse
Lady & the Tramp Beauty & the Beast Lewis & Clark
Anna & Elsa Chip & Dale Mike Wasowski & Sully
Peeta & Katniss Noah & Allie (The Notebook) Chuck & Blair (Gossip Girl)
Batman & Robin Bert & Ernie Zack & Cody
Troy & Gabriella



Who Are We?

In this variation, the team draws straws. The person who draws the short straw leaves the room. The rest of the team pulls a type of person from a hat. Examples of types of people could be:

Nurses Flight Attendants Sports Teams
Army Heroes Disney Princesses Police Officers
Politicians Marvel Avengers Cowboys
Aliens Scientists Doctors
Hair Stylists Comedians High Society Snobs
Funeral Goers Opera Singers Surfers


When the ‘it’ person returns to the room, the team acts like the people they drew from a hat and the person who is ‘it’ must guess who they are.




Like I said, this is one of the easiest team building activities because it requires very little supplies and it’s a blast.


Join us for the next installment of our Teambuilding Series where we will detail how to do a Secret Teammate exchange.


Sue Nowicki is an alumna of the 2014/15 Disney Parks Moms Panel. She is a team mom extraordinaire who has filled her time serving as secretary, navigator, head cheerleader, treasurer, athletic trainer and team psychologist for her daughter’s travel sports team for 10 years before becoming a team owner in 2015. You can follow her on Twitter @TeamMom365.


You can follow our pixie-dusted journey here: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for more great Team Mom Lifestyle content.

Team Building Who Am I



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