Marvel Movie Marathon – Spider-Man: Far From Home


Bringing Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to a close, Spider-Man: Far From Home begins where Avengers: End Game ended with those taken by ‘the snap’ returning to existence. Specifically, we see Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and friends returning to high school after the five year. Interestingly, we get an explanation of where those who survived the snap have been for the last five years… Read More

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Aladdin Live Action Feature Movie Review

Aladdin Movie Review

The quadfecta of Naomi Scott (Princess Jasmine), Will Smith (Genie), Mena Moussad (Aladdin) and Guy Ritchie’s expert direction are what make the live action remake of Aladdin one of the best Disney has produced. Sticking very close to the original, this version again tells the story of Aladdin, an orphaned boy who must steal food to survive and finds a magic lamp which could change everything.
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Aladdin Giveaway

Aladdin Giveaway

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE the new live action remakes Disney has been releasing. I love the fresh take on my favorite classics. Aladdin is no exception. I am not only excited to see Aladdin and Jasmine come to life. I am actually (one of the very few) looking forward to seeing Will Smith’s interpretation of Genie. I get it, no one can ever compare to Robin Williams. And it looks like Smith isn’t even attempting to emulate Williams’ Genie. I appears from the trailers he is putting his own spin on the iconic character.

To celebrate the release, I am excited to join The Hopping Bloggers to bring our readers an Aladdin prize pack! Read further to find out how you can win!! Read More

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2019 Disney Movie Scorecard… and Beyond

2019 Disney Movie Scorecard

Today, the Walt Disney Company released their combined schedule of movies to be released over the next few years. These movies include new animated features, new live action features, live-action remakes of Disney classics, sequels, prequels, as well as Fox, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars movies. We need a Disney movie scorecard to keep track of them. You are in luck! I have put together a scorecard of sorts detailing all the Disney movies rumored for release in the next several years.

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Avengers: End Game Giveaway

Avengers End Game Give Away

The day is here! Your Ultimate Movie Marathon has come to an end. Avengers: End Game debuts today!! And to celebrate this momentus occasion we are co-hosting an Avengers: End Game Giveaway.

Marvel fans have been waiting for this day since the moment Avengers: Infinity War ended, and that moment is finally here! To help celebrate this long anticipated release, The Hopping Bloggers have come together to bring our readers an Avengers: Endgame prize pack! Read More

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