Aladdin Second Viewing Thoughts

Aladdin Second Viewing Thoughts

I couldn’t help myself. I had to go see Aladdin again. I wasn’t joking when I rated it four stars which means I want to see it again as soon as possible. The scenery. The music. The production numbers. All of it combined to make it one of the best Disney live-action remakes… thus far. (I see you, Lion King, lurking off in the distance.)

During my second viewing I got to relax a little and noticed some things I didn’t notice in my first viewing. Here are some things that popped out at me:

  1. The trailers before this showing were different than my first viewing. Because of that, I have now added My Spy to the list of movies I want to see this summer. It looks really cute. It’s a comedy with Dave Bautista playing spy who has to surveil a family which includes a 9-year-old girl.
  2. Does everyone else get the chills when the Disney music starts before every Disney movie?
  3. The music from this version of Arabian Nights is a bit more ominous than the original. It really sets a great tone for this version.
  4. The character of Aladdin reminds me of Robin Hood. In the beginning scenes he given away his bag of dates and during the Prince Ali scene he is throwing our gold to the crowd.
  5. Is it me or were some of the scenes sped up? It’s hard to explain but some of the dance scenes it appeared to have been sped up.
  6. I liked the addition of a little backstory for Jafar. It doesn’t make me like him anymore. But I liked that addition.
  7. And now I want a pet monkey.
  8. The colors in this movie are so vibrant. Pink. Teal. Blue. Gold. Orange. Red. Purples.Aladdin second view thoughts
  9. “There’s not enough money and power on Earth to be satisfied.” -Genie
  10. Easter Egg: There is a cute nod to Robin Williams’ Genie when Will Smith is explaining how the wishes work. One of the scrolls is a picture of the original Genie.
  11. Another Easter Egg: When Genie and Aladdin are in the desert chatting under the tent, Carpet is building a sand castle. They show a brief flash of the finished product and it’s Walt Disney World’s Cinderella Castle.
  12. Another great quote from Genie – “Treat your woman like a Queen.”
  13. The Prince Ali scene is another chills worthy moment.
  14. Did you notice that Will Smith is one of the girls in the Prince Ali scene?
  15. I’m not sure how much I liked Aladdin bumbling about jam when he first came to the castle. He was such a smooth talker at the beginning of the movie.
  16. Easter Egg: When Aladdin asked Genie to help put Ababwa on Princess Jasmine’s map he initially put Fantasyland, Adventureland, and Tomorrowland on the map before he adds Ababwa.
  17. Chills alert: The A Whole New World scene is crazy good. So reminiscent of the first but expertly brought to life by Guy Ritchie.
  18. Sometimes a magic carpet knows when it’s time for a kiss even if the participants don’t.
  19. Snakes are scary. Especially when they can brainwash people.
  20. I wonder if Aladdin was ever scared of falling out of his tower. There was a pillow sitting there. Does he actually lay there? What is he falls asleep and rolls over?
  21. Jasmine’s monologue is everything. Hakim knows!! That’s what being a sultan is all about.
  22. The look in the Sultan’s eyes during the monologue brought tears to my eyes. It was the look all parents get when we are watching our children come into their own.
  23. I am so glad Abu and Carpet made friends.
  24. I get all the feels when Genie grants Aladdin’s last wish.
  25. The fourth wall break during the wedding scene was perfection. A DJ Kalid/Will Smith song. All the characters dancing. Can you imagine how fun that scene was to film? And Hakim has moves!

So there’s my bonus thoughts. Are you going to see Aladdin again? Have you already seen it multiple times? Let me know in the comments.

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