The Greatest Showman Reimagined Review

The Greatest Showman Reimagined – Review

I will be the first to admit, I was late to arrive at The Greatest Showman party. I didn’t see the movie until a month or so after it was released and didn’t gain a true appreciation for the songs until my daughter started playing them on repeat. Then something switched. I don’t know if it was the powerful ballads, the towering anthems, the knee-slappers or a combination of them all. Then, just like my daughter, all of a sudden, I couldn’t stop playing the soundtrack on repeat.  So when I heard about The Greatest Showman: Reimagined I couldn’t contain myself.


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After hearing the four preview songs, I knew this album was going to be AMAZING. As usual, I was right. Each cover artist brings their own brand of individuality while still maintaining the intent of the original songs. Here is a cut by cut review of the album:



The Greatest Show

Panic! At the Disco

The movie’s anthem is put into very good hands with Panic! At the Disco. Brendon Urie’s raspy vocals really give this song the grit it deserves.



A Million Dreams


Another great artistic decision by the producers was to give Pink this power ballad. Her amazing vocal range allows her to expertly navigate Hugh Jackson’s part while also lending the appropriate sweetness to the parts originally sung by Michelle Williams.



A Million Dream(Reprise)

Willow Sage Hart

I don’t think it’s possible this reprise could be any cuter. Little Ms. Hart, Pink’s daughter, takes the cuteness factor to ten with this sweet version.



Come Alive

Years & Years & Jess Glynne

Imagine (or reimagine as the case may be) Michael Jackson in The Greatest Showman… I’ll give you a second… Incredible, right? That’s the feeling this song evoked in me. The vocalist and the arrangement on this song is so reminiscent of Michael Jackson that it made me imagine how amazing this movie would have been with him as a part of the cast.



The Other Side

MAX & Ty Dolla $ign

Another admission: This is one of my favorite songs from movie so when I heard MAX and Ty Dolla $ign were doing this song, I was a little apprehensive. No disrespect to them, they are amazing in their genres. Thankfully, my apprehension was misplaced. They do a really great job in this tricky point-counterpoint song.



Never Enough

Kelly Clarkson

PERFECTION! The song requires a big voice and that’s exactly what they got. Loren Allred’s version of this song is impeccable, and Kelly Clarkson truly does the song justice. Not straying far from the original, she rises to the challenge of this incredible, and challenging, song.



This is Me (The Reimagined Remix)

Kaela Settle, Kesha & Missy Elliot

I like this version. I don’t love it, but I like it. I get it, I really do. I get that Missy Elliott’s rapping message of positivity is the highlight of this remix. I am just such a traditionalist that I can seem to get passed the fact that this strays so far from the original. One thing I do love about this version is the inclusion of the original artist, Kaela Settle. Her voice lends some instant credibility to this out of the box cover.



Rewrite the Star

James Arthur & Anne-Marie

James Arthur and Anne-Marie stay completely in their lane on this one. If you like the original, you will like this one as well. There is very little variation from the original even down to the fact that Arthur and Anne-Marie sound very similar to Zac Efron and Zendaya.




Sara Bareilles

Another incredible voice, Sara Bareilles, tackles this sweet love song… and that’s the problem. Bareilles polishes off the rough edges of this song which were what made the original by Michelle Williams perfect.



From Now One

Zac Brown Band

This song was a knee-slapping, butt kicker in the movie and required not just a kick-butt cover artist but one with the harmony that the original highlighted. Zac Brown Band is known for both and undertook this song perfectly giving it a country twist while still maintaining the high energy of the original.



The Greatest Show


The Pentatonix always amaze me. How five voices can produce such an amazingly full sound experience astounds me and this version of The Greatest Show is no exception. They even hit Kaela Settle’s ear shattering high note with perfection.



Come Alive

Craig David

A decidedly R & B version of this song, Craig David maintains the integrity of the original even with the switch of genres.



This is Me


Before Pray, I never would have thought Kesha could pull off a song like this. However, her incredible voice and fighter spirit shine through just as did Kaela Setter’s in the original.



Are you a The Greatest Showman fan? If so, you will love this ‘reimagination’ of the original soundtrack. When you listen, if you haven’t already, tweet us @TeamMom365 to let us know what you thought.


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The Greatest Showman Reimagined Review







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  1. Gen Avatar

    This is all so neat, I can’t wait to check it all out!

  2. Holic Avatar

    Actually the one hitting Keala’s highnote in Pentatonix cover of The Greatest showman is Mitch Grassi not Kirstin. Mitch is a countertenor so his voice kinda sounds feminine. But, overall great review!

    1. Sue Avatar

      Thanks for the tip! That’s what I get for believing what I read elsewhere. 🙂

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