Getting Your House Ready For a Vacation

Getting Your House Ready for a Vacation

When heading on a vacation the last thing you want to worry about is your house while you are gone. Getting your house ready for a vacation is just as important as booking flights, making hotel reservations and buying park tickets. No one wants the added stress of thinking you forgot something. By following these steps you won’t forget anything and your vacation will be stress free… at least when it comes to your house. Read More

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The Science Behind Pixar

The Science Behind Pixar

The newest exhibit at Chicago’s Museum of Science & Industry is a Disney-lovers delight. The Science Behind Pixar details the science behind the making of Pixar movies. As a lover of these movies since the beginning, I never really put much thought into what goes into making them. I figured they drew a couple pictures, transferred it to a computer and the computer did the rest. Little did I know that it’s more than just some computerized drawings. There’s clay modeling. There is math… and a lot of it. There is innovation. And similar to live-actions movies there is riggings, sets & cameras and lighting. Who knew?! Read More

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