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  • Mickey Snickerdoodle Cookies

    Mickey Snickerdoodle Cookies

    Snickerdoodles are a staple of the holiday season in our house. This is partly because cinnamon is such a perfect holiday flavor and partly because making cookies is a time-honored holiday tradition. But why not kick it up a notch with Mickey Snickerdoodle Cookies?! Because, let’s be honest, everything worth making is worth making Mickey-shaped. […]

  • Low Carb Berry Shortcake

    Low Carb Berry Shortcake

    Over the past 6 months I have been on this Keto journey and along the way I have attempted to find substitutes for all my favorite carb-filled foods. This includes the desserts I loved like Strawberry Shortcake. While making a Keto English Muffin Recipe, I started playing around to make it a little fluffier like […]

  • 7 Ways to Teach Your Kids to Cook… So They Won’t Starve as Adults

    7 Ways to Teach Your Kids to Cook… So They Won’t Starve as Adults

    Cooking is a lost art among this new generation of kids with invention of macaroni and cheese bowls and Lunchables. Lost is the fun of trying new recipes, playing around with ingredients to find the perfect taste and creating an arsenal of go-to meals our kids can take with them as the venture out on […]

  • Adaptable Meal Plan for Busy Moms

    Adaptable Meal Plan for Busy Moms

    Does this sound like you? You have a night free, so you want to make a nice home cooked meal, but you look in the cupboard… or fridge… or freezer… and there isn’t anything worthy of dinner to be found. This leads to you running to the Kroger or WalMart on the way home from […]

  • Lasagna Soup

    Lasagna Soup

    There is nothing better than finding an easy, healthy, frugal recipe which you can cook in one pot and Lasagna Soup does just that. It only takes four easy steps, includes healthy ingredients, costs $1.03 per serving and ONLY ONE DISH TO CLEAN!! This recipe will give you the great comfort food taste of lasagna […]

  • Easy Chicken Stroganoff

    Easy Chicken Stroganoff

    Are you looking for an easy-to-make weekday recipe which won’t break the budget? Check out this recipe for Easy Chicken Stroganoff which is not only inexpensive but good for you. This is one of those fabulous recipes which can be prepared on a night when you have a late volleyball game or committee meeting and […]