Volleyball 101 For New Volleyball Moms

Volleyball 101 For New Volleyball Moms

So your daughter or son wants to play volleyball but you haven’t played or even watched the game since the 1990’s? If so, the game has changed in many ways. It is not your mom’s “bump, set, spike” volleyball anymore. It is now not only a game of finesse but a game of power with towering serves and hard driven attacks. There are defensive schemes, multiple offensive strategies and nuances which require a bit of explanation. To help you out here is the Volleyball 101 for New Volleyball Moms. Read More

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Best Walt Disney World Smartphone Apps

Best Walt Disney World Smartphone Apps

THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT! As with all other aspects of our daily lives, there are lots of smartphone apps to not only plan and make the most of our Disney vacation but also to keep the Disney spirit alive when we are home. Here is a list of the Best Walt Disney World Smartphone Apps: Read More

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Team Parent Book Club

How to Create a Team Parent Book Club

How many of you sit through hours of your kiddo’s practices playing on your cellphone? Or maybe reading the newspaper? Or perhaps reading a book? Or let’s be honest… chatting it up with the other team parents? Why not make the time more productive by having a team parent book club? We all claim we want to read more, so let’s take advantage of this downtime to do something productive… and likely knock something off our New Year’s Resolution list.  Read More

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Easy Chicken Stroganoff

Easy Chicken Stroganoff

Are you looking for an easy-to-make weekday recipe which won’t break the budget? Check out this recipe for Easy Chicken Stroganoff which is not only inexpensive but good for you. This is one of those fabulous recipes which can be prepared on a night when you have a late volleyball game or committee meeting and goes to show you it is possible to eat healthy and frugally when you live a busy lifestyle. Read More

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Training For Disney

Training for Disney

Walt Disney World is a big place… A VERY BIG PLACE. On a typically vacation you will walk as much as 20,000 steps a day. If you haven’t trained your body for that kind of punishment, you will be sorry by Day 2 when your feet will be screaming their revolt. Read More

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